Garanti Thick Linseed Oil

Keten Yağı

Specific Gravity (gr/cm³) 0.960 – 0.980
Acid Index 10 (Oleic acid basis)
Iodine Index 70 -120
Saponification Index 188 – 198
Non-Saponification Parts (max.) 2%
Ash 0.5%
Floating Suspending Particles Min.
Evaporating Matters None
Color Transparent greenish yellow in liquid state
Boiled Type Double


• In the production of oil paint putty subject to outer effects.
• Producing of glass-putty.
• In caulking- putty making.
• Oil-paint industry
• As molding sand binder in sensitive foundry works.
• It can also be used in all sorts of works in which thick linseed oil is needed.

17/1 kgs. in tin cans
1/1 24 pcs. in cardboard boxes
3/1 4 pcs. in cardboard boxes
5/1 4 pcs. in cardboard boxes
200/1 kgs. in drums