At Thin Linseed Oil

Keten Yağı

Specific Gravity (gr/cm³) 0.930 – 0.950
Acid Index 10
Color Transperant light brown coloured.
Drying Period (20°C) 18 – 20 hours
Base Synthetic
Boiled Type Single
Solubility Soluble with the thinners based on solvents

• By itself, provides the protection of the wood for a long time through penetration without losing anything from its original beauty.
• Prevents the decaying of the wood exposed to water and humidity by increasing its resistance. The wood may either be left with a coat of linseed-oil in its natural appearance or can be overcoated with varnish.
• It can be used in deepening the colour of all sorts of wood as a result of which the decorating veins of the wood become more evident.
• Is used as a Priming paint on the wooden surfaces before the application of oil or plastic paints.
• Can be used in the production of metal primer, anti-rust red primer and first coat priming paints.
• It may also be used in the protection of materials such as arbours pergolas, which are exposed to outer effects and thus a decorative appearance is obtained.
• It can furthermore be used in shining up the metals in industry and as a protecting coat against rusting.

With brushes, paint atomizers or by dipping the pieces into the linseed-oil. The appearance thus obtained on the wooden surfaces depends on the quality, absorption ability of the wood, and the thickness of the linseed-oil applied.

17/1 kgs. in tin cans
1/1 24 pcs. in cardboard boxes
3/1 4 pcs. in cardboard boxes
5/1 4 pcs. in cardboard boxes
160/1 kgs. in drums