Altınyıldız Thin Linseed Oil

Keten Yağı

Specific Gravity (gr/cm³) 0.935 – 0.960
Acid Index 7 (Oleic acid basis)
Non-saponification parts (max.) 2%
Ash 0.5%
Color Light transparent oxide yellow colored
Drying Period (20°C) 18 – 20 hours
Boiled Type Single
Solubility Soluble with the thinners based on solvents


• By itself, it provides protection for the wood against the outer effects for a long time through penetration without losing anything from its original beauty.
• Prevents the decaying of the wood exposed to water and humidity by increasing its resistance. The wood may either be left under a coat of linseed oil to reflect its natural appearance or can be over coated with varnish.
• It can be used in deepening the color of all sorts of wood in order to expose the decorative veins of the wood more clearly.
• It is used as a priming paint on the wooden surfaces before the application of oil or plastic paints.
• In the production of oil paint, red-primer, and anti-rust primer and in the protection of the wooden parts of sea vessels exposed to salt water. It also prevents the decaying of the materials subject to outer effects, such as pergolas and arbors, and provides a decorative appearance.
• In fishery, in the oiling of the fishing nets.
• It is also used in all sorts of industry where thin linseed oil is needed.

With brushes, paint atomizers or by dipping, the pieces can be coated with linseed oil. The appearance, thus obtained on the wooden surfaces, depends on the quality, absorption ability of the wood and the thickness of the linseed oil applied.

17/1 kg. in tin cans
1/1 24 pcs. in cardboard boxes
3/1 4 pcs. in cardboard boxes
5/1 4 pcs. in cardboard boxes
170/1 kgs. in drums