1- OIL UNIT: Extracts oil from the seeds through pressing.

2- REFINARY UNIT: Bleaches the color of the oil obtained from the oil unit and purifies it from the acids and sediments.

3- LINSEED OIL UNIT: Turns the oil obtained from the above units into linseed-oil. The produced linseed oil is divided into two main groups.

THIN LINSEED OIL: Thin linseed oil is obtained from the crude linseed oil through a process of single boiling method. This production is also called “The British-type Linseed-oil”. Yet, in order to make it more explicit we use the term of “Thin Linseed-oil” as a trademark.

THICK LINSEED OIL: Thick linseed oil is produced through a process of double boiling method, which the crude linseed oil is subjected to. This is also called Ottoman or Turkish linseed oil. As in the thin linseed oil, we have used the term of thick linseed oil as a trademark.